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Power of Numbers

You are now working with the power of the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. These numbers are showing how from oneness you got into duality. You are getting out of duality through the power 3 which is trinity. Through the foundation of 4 you are getting back into unity.

It is a very interesting combination of polarization of energies of these numbers creating unity and balance. Stepping into this open world, you need to start learning how these numbers are not only showing you something or giving you signs of something they are also showing you the energy flow. You can learn how to read these energy flows through the numbers that are coming together or changing. These numbers are unfolding the different energetic connections, different energetic forecasts. Through these numeric energetic flows, you can start knowing much more about the world around you.

June will bring a lot of joy and an unfamiliar world around you. You know you will be growing in this world and with this world. You as higher beings have all the necessary potential, everything that you need to live in this world and to create this world according to the higher vision of who you are and how you can live in it.

Understanding and reading energy flows is a process and will evolve as you evolve. You are reawakening to your multidimensional language. The language of energy is different than the spoken word, information is downloaded and unfolded.

Hugs and love to all of you,