Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Seeding Process

When you plant seeds, you need to plow deep so they will be covered with enough soil and close to the warmth of the sun and the water. Now are the perfect conditions for your personal growth. Your roots can touch water. You still have your life in 3D, so you have everything you need for your physical body but at the same time your stem is already directed and growing up towards the sun and central sun raising its vibration and growing through all these different energies that are flowing around you.

You are planted to be successful in achieving every soul's goal on Gaia that has chosen to be God's manifestation and to put life into the plants that God has assigned to you. You don't need anything else, nothing in addition to this. You have everything you need. Consistently manifest yourselves as a human being who is a part of God, who is God's presence on Gaia, who is the highest vibration of life, love and compassion.

Your Star families are participating in this seeding process, in planting you into this field of new energy. As experienced gardeners, they have been there themselves and passed through this process themselves many times. They are providing for you the best conditions that can help you get to the sunlight and start growing and achieving results. The fruit of your work during your previous lives and all the information in eons and eons of time you have received is now connected to this new opportunity to become an equal partner and equal member of your star family.

Hugs and love to all of you,