Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

New World of Love and Compassion

Multicolor eyes are watching over you, protecting you, guiding you and loving you. This compassionate energy is mixed with love. It is like wrapping up your baby in this mixture of new energy. This is what we will be experiencing on Gaia now. This newly born, newly supported energy comes from an absolutely high realm. Nothing can block this compassionate, loving energy which melts any kind of resistance, objection, hesitation or rejection. This love and compassion penetrate everything and everyone it touches. That is what is coming to Gaia, what humanity will be wrapped up in. This is the energy that surrounds you, and everything that you are doing, thinking and sending to one another will bring this love and compassion to every step, and every part of your being.

The new world you are stepping into will have new physics and new laws. It will be impossible to produce and act with negative energy. You will be so wrapped up in this loving and compassionate energy that even if you try to move with negative energy, it will all be absorbed at the very beginning of its existence. That is why you will not be creating karmic lessons. If you intend to do something that is not right, you will immediately feel that it is not going anywhere. Even the idea of trying to go in the wrong direction will not exist anymore. The only supported energies that will exist will be the energies of love and compassion which are one of the main components of the Feminine Energy Principle.

Hugs and love to all of you,