Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Number 13

Many energies were hidden from you to prevent the ascension and evolution of humanity. The number 13 and Friday the 13th were blocked or hidden from you as one of the energetic flows capable of assisting humanity. Because it was represented as evil and as working in opposition to humanity, the perception changed and the 13th chakra, the Christ energies were not used. Humanity was only using the lower 12 chakras and couldn't go into the higher chakra knowledge without special initiations or attunements. This knowledge was kept hidden and the sacred and spiritual tools were only passed to those who were ready for this knowledge. Now the energy of the 13th Chakra is back. You have the full right to claim this energy.

October 13, 2023 will be a big opening of recognition and claiming the whole flow of the energy of the 13 for humanity. The energy of Ascension will speed up the whole process of vibrational raising and the whole process of claiming what is yours through God's will.

You can empower yourselves on this date by claiming and working with the 13th chakra, opening the field of the 13th chakra and connecting individually with the whole of humanity to this flow of the number 13 of the Christ Ascension into our light bodies. With the connecting of the higher chakras and the lower chakras, you will be opening a whole new range of higher chakras in your light bodies.

Your DNA is closely connected with the energy of the sacred flow. This 13th chakra is responsible for the aligning of your DNA strings in your light bodies. It is like a conductor for your DNA strings on how to position, how to be in your light bodies for the highest result to attain Ascension.

You are stepping into your light bodies more and more. You are recognizing your ability to understand and know your light bodies, how they work and operate. Thirteen is one of the key tools for how to connect your light body to your physical body and how to build up your light body in the presence of your physical body.

As above so below. You know who you are from the 1st to the 12th chakra. It is time for you to project above and start building from the 13th chakra up as far as your consciousness and energies are ready to go. You are rebuilding your light bodies. This is the first building block in your chakra construction on which you will connect all the others.

Hugs and love to all of you,