Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Gateway of Orion

This is the start of the opening of the Gateway of Orion on December 8th, continuing until the 17th. This opening allows you to get into a closer connection with your star families and with those who have been working with you for a very long time without being seen or recognized. You are very close in your vibration not only to be seen and recognized by them but to be able to acknowledge and recognize their presence in your new world. This will be a very heart opening family reunion with a lot of hugs and new downloads by understanding yourselves as an equal part of your star family and the ability to see yourselves as a family member. This is about self esteem, self respect, trusting your higher self and getting into grown up mode and responsibility not only for yourselves as beings but for Gaia as your carrier and for all the other beings who are with you living on Gaia or surrounding, supporting, helping and living with you at the same time period.

You are putting yourselves in a position to work with the other family members of God. It maybe a strange feeling like a small brother who has finally grown up to his capability of being the equal worker of the family. This is a very similar feeling to what humanity is having right now. You have grown up enough to become an equally recognized family member.

This can change the way that you behave. It can change the way you evaluate yourselves and others. It can change the way you live on Gaia. It will definitely change the way you make your decisions because you are not only thinking of yourselves as individuals, you are thinking of yourselves as Earth Holders or Energy Flow Carriers. In other words, whatever you will be doing going forward, you will be choosing not only on your own personal experience, but based on the outcome that each of your choices can bring to everything alive, everything God is supporting around you which carries God's sparkle in its presence in your reality.

Hugs and love to all of you,