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Moving Into Multidimensionality

There are a lot of processes happening on the earth right now. You are trying to adjust to all of them while being in your physical form but already partially moving into your energetic form. That is why a lot of things for you seem to be not exactly disconnected but feeling that they are going in their own time and space. In reality, it is all you in 3D and in all the different multidimensions simultaneously.

Different parts of your physical body are reacting in their own ways to this transition. The body’s tissues are light and ready to move forward. These are your heart space and some of your glands. Your pineal gland is already trained to be multidimensional. Some other parts of your body are behind still adjusting to all these changes. This is why you are feeling physical discomfort. It’s coming from parts that are holding you back or still existing mainly in 3D, compared to the parts, ie. organs and tissues that are already existing in 3D as well as in multidimensionality.

All of my apps, videos and techniques that I offer you should be applied to the parts or organs that need attention so they can catch up. Concentrate your intention on increasing the vibration in these areas.

Hugs and love to all of you,