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How to Protect Yourself and Your Aura

Many of you tell me that your energy easily gets drained from other people coming into your Auric Field. This means that you are a Sensitive, Super-Sensitive and/or an Empath.

Here is how to protect yourself. Visualize a golden spiral that goes from 6 inches under your feet to 12 inches above your head. This is called the 13th Ring of Power that comes from the 13th dimension. This is the dimension of the Dolphins and Whales and that of the Ascended Christ. It is also associated with the sheer silk Magenta Cloak that can make you invisible.

Use your intention when you visualize. You can also intentionally put full length mirrors all around you that are facing outward, reflecting back all that is being sent to or towards you.

This will protect you from energetic drains.

Click here to download a pdf version.

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