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How Negative Entities Affect You

What Is A Negative Entity

A negative entity is dark energy in non-physical form. It will be the most intelligent cunning parasite that you have ever had. It remains invisible to you typically and manipulates you in ways you are oblivious to.

How Your Life Can Be Affected By A Negative Entity

It feeds off your energy field and has the ability to put thoughts in your head that are not your own. It prefers a diet of the more negative emotions from frustration all the way down to depression. This can cause you to feel, tired, agitated, frustrated and even make comments and act in ways that are out of character for you.

A negative entity can block you in all areas of your life, including relationships, career, money, emotional stability, let alone blocking your ability to expand your consciousness.

What Causes Holes or Tears in the Auric Field?

You have a responsibility to protect the integrity of your Auric Field. Some of the factors that compromise your Auric Field are your exposure to: wifi frequencies, bluetooth devices, cell phones, computers, televisions and a variety of other devices that emit EMF (electromagnetic frequency). Also, certain drugs, anesthesia whether recreationally or medically administered, and pollutants, toxicity such as GMO, pesticides and chemtrails also weaken your Auric Field. Certain behaviors focused on domination and abuse compromise your Auric Field integrity.

Would you like to know if you have a negative entity in your Auric Field?

It takes a much higher level of consciousness and talent in order to remove a negative entity from your Auric Field

Contact Gma at Type do I have a negative entity in my Auric Field in the subject line. Gma will usually respond within 48 hrs.