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Forgiveness Meditation

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Go into your Heart Space and forgive those who have hurt you whether intentional or unintentional, if they alive or have passed.

A good release statement is “Thank you _(name)____for all the things you have done TO ME. Forgive me _(name)____ for all the things I have done TO YOU. Thank you (name)_______.”

Go back and remember anyone who you may have hurt intentionally or unintentionally. Use the same release statement again. Forgive them whether they are alive or have passed.

The last part of the Forgiveness Meditation is to forgive yourself of all your shoulda, coulda and wouldas that hold you back as you constantly revisit them mentally.

Give yourself a clean sweep by asking Michael the Archangel to release you. “I now ask Michael the Archangel to release me of all cords, contracts, connections and ties that bind me.” Ask Michael to send everyone involved into the Light. Take a few moments to feel this release that is replaced with your New Freedom, Peace, Love, Light. Breathe this in.

Then whenever negative thoughts enter you field, use this mantra, “I am healthy, strong, perfect, whole, young, wealthy, loved, and joyful as I freely move on my Path.” Believe it in your Mental body, feel it in your Emotional Body and see it manifest in your Physical Body and in Your New Life!

Use this meditation as often as needed.

Click here to download a copy of my Forgiveness Meditation.