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Ascension Assist App

Clearing Your Auric Field and Maximizing Your Brain Power

This first app helps you harness the magnetic energies of sacred geometry and the capable consciousness of Grandma Chandra’s 12th dimensional masterhood. Sacred geometry magnetic energies are invaluable in that they will assist you in attracting more light to you as energy and information.Each interaction with this app dynamically adapts to where you currently are on your ascension path, helping you to remove negative energies, focus your mind to make clearer decisions and expand your brain usage. Each time you play the app, your etheric and physical bodies and brain are activated and layer by layer obstacles are removed as you align your intention to be assisted in this way. This app allows you to better know your life’s purpose, your higher source support team (including masters, teachers & guides) and accelerate your ascension.
As energetic obstacles are cleared you will notice these benefits appearing more and more frequently in your life:

As the energy refines, you will likely experience more extensive activation of neural brain pathways which result in improved memory and expanded brain capacity. The following benefits are possible from this expanded capacity:

Gma Ascension Assist app was released in November of 2017. Now that you are working in the Quantum Field, the way you use the app is changing.

In the past, when you were talking about clearing your field, you were mainly concentrating on your Auric Field. You didn't pay much attention to your Merkabah and your Quantum Field.

Now that you have expanded your consciousness, you understand you can reach any part of yourselves including your Higher Self.

When you clear your field, you can actually call for the guidance of your Higher Self. The level the person is at doesn't matter. The work will be received at the level available to that person. In other words, the higher you are the more expansive your work will be. The closer you are to your 3D world the narrower the field will be. Technically, the work will be the same, the characteristics of the work are what changes. It is only the field that you are seeing around you, as you, insomuch as you imagine yourself to be present, is the field that will be cleansed.

Focus your mind means focus your intention or focus your point of destination. Because now you are not so much talking about mind work, but intention work. In the past we could achieve this through mind work but now because you are working in multidimensionality or in the Quantum Fields, you are actually focusing a laser beam projecting from your Heart Chakra.

The big difference is in the past, you were trying to get into your head when you spoke about mind. Now you are going into your heart because that is where your intention needs to come from. The laser of your intention is what you are learning to use.

In multidimensionality, there is no time or space. Your intentions do not have to be sent through the app. Send your intentions out as they come into your consciousness. Your intentions are like planting seeds. Use the app regularly to nurture and feed your seeds so they grow and manifest.

How the App Works:

This app works dynamically with your energy and physical body, meeting you exactly where you are each time you use it. The sacred geometry works via magnetic frequencies attracting more light energy & information to you, while Grandma Chandra is adjusting the app's sound files (via frequencies) and images (via embedded codes) to meet your consciousness so that the energetic impact is customized and most effective in assisting your ascension layer-by-layer.

Downloadable Instructional Guide

Click here for step by step instructions on how to use the Ascension Assist App to help improve mental clarity, clear negative energy/entities and bring in more light.  For best results Gma recommends playing each module of the app once per day.

How Frequently Should I Use the App:

Gma highly recommends using the app daily, ideally first thing in the morning. Take 9 minutes to listen to all 3 modules. This will help you to access more of your brain's capacity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The most commonly asked questions we receive are; how to turn up the volume and how to prevent the screen from timing out.  Click here for the answers.

How to Purchase:

Gma’s Ascension Assist App is available for the Apple ipad, iphone and Android tablet and phone

Click an icon below to download Gma’s Ascension Assist App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.