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Ascension Rising App

Expand Your Telepathic Bridges

The second app is designed to assist you in harnessing the magnetic energies of the sacred geometries within the Octuple Dorje.

Grandma Chandra’s 33rd Dimensional Masterhood will boost your ascension interconnections into the Quantum Light Field.

The term Dorje derives from the Sanskrit meaning both thunderbolt and diamond. Using the Dorje, your light is further concentrated into lightening with greater intensities (thunderbolt) and the quality of your light becomes clearer, focused and strengthened into a diamond-like focus when directed by your aligned intent.

Benefits of the Ascension Rising App:

Just as dolphins, playfully and joyfully navigate (with their dolphin sonar) the different water layers as they are swimming, they also access finely nuanced layers in their co-creative play. The Octuple Dorje and the layering of frequencies and codes to us by Grandma Chandra, also invite us to likewise be more powerfully in joy and play, so that we too can take advantage of the energic frequencies and properties within each dimensional layer, to more masterfully and consciously draw from the various energetics of the different layers. With our re-emerging awareness of our human sonar we can now detect from consciously, more of these frequencies and know telepathically, intuitively, their relative properties and value. We can then create with this new spectrum of energetics, individually and in groups as we play and create our new human culture on and in the New Earth sonar.

Downloadable Instructional Guide

Click here for step by step instructions on how to use Gma's Ascension Rising App to help open your channels, expand your knowing, receive higher knowing and rise to the highest realms. For best results Gma recommends playing each module of the app once per day.

How the App Works:

In this app you will experience three different videos of the Octuple Dorje flashing, spinning, or multiple Dorjes merging in kaleidoscopic rotations. The fourth video is comprised of three Light Language Symbols, which along with the Divine sound of the Hu chant, truly boost your vibratory frequency. Meditating on these movements and listening to the audios facilitate Grandma Chandra’s delivering to you, layer-by-layer, these specialized codes and frequencies into your physical and etheric bodies so that you can progress into higher energetic frequencies much faster. By working through the menu of this app, you facilitate your development, expansion and activation of your light flowing crystalline networks. For most effective listening, please use ear phones or a headset.

These crystalline networks link you into the Quantum Light Field where your Greater Multidimensional Aspects and huge stores of knowledge are accessible. The Octuple Dorje accelerates your transition from carbon to crystalline DNA and the network building, while Grandma Chandra continually adjusts the frequencies and codes to optimize your level-by-level progress. As you progress, your network activation accelerates your remembrance of the energetics, frequencies, codes and the knowledge of the Sacred Geometries of the Light Language. You will experience ever more strongly your interconnection to the Source within this Unified Quantum Light Field.

How Frequently Should I Use the App:

Gma highly recommends using the app daily, ideally first thing in the morning. Take 8 minutes to listen to all 4 modules. This will help you receive richer detail from your intuition and wisdom.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The most commonly asked questions we receive are; how to turn up the volume and how to prevent the screen from timing out.  Click here for the answers.

How to Purchase:

Gma’s Ascension Assist App is available for the Apple ipad, iphone and Android tablet and phone

Click an icon below to download Gma’s Ascension Assist App from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.