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Gma's Progress Winter of 2014

Gma continues to make process as a result of her cold laser treatments.  Here are some of the latest accomplishments.

1.  After I did a treatment with Gma  she TURNED 2 doorknobs on 2 closed doors in the house, opening them and coming out on her walker!!! She has never been able to turn knobs.

2.  Gma will let me do anything on her back sides, head, legs but is VERY PROTECTIVE of the front of her body and fights having the laser applied anywhere there.  She usually sits with her hands in her lap with her fingers not clenched but “folded over”. After this treatment she had her hands in her lap with the fingers open. This is VERY significant. She said the treatment felt very weird but was willing to have it again today with more time spent with hands and fingers open.

3.  If I say I want to clean her hands, she now gives them to me one at a time, before I had to reach for her hands.

4.  Chandra will let me physically put the laser on her back, knees, edge of shoulders briefly.

5.  Gma arranged a pillow on the sofa, lay down on her side and put the pillow under her head.  She usually throws them on the floor.

6.  Gma usually folds her left arm over her solar plexus and uses only right arm to scoot to her walker.  Now she uses both arms.