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Gma's Progress Spring 2014

Gma has been using a walker for many years.  Thanks to regular QRI sessions she is making incredible progress.  Gma is very excited about sharing her achievements with you.

Gma will stand with her walker, I come up behind her and ask if she wants to walk without it and put out my right arm. She rests her hand on my forearm, lets go of the walker and walks across the house. The house is 3000 sq ft.

When she first started one month ago, she was like a puppet on a string twisting and jerking every which way and could only walk a short distance.  With practice the distance has increased and the movements have become more fluent and natural.

Now she walks normally.  My arm is still at her side for Gma if she needs it but I believe it provides more of a sense of security for her than anything because she barely uses it.  This is amazing progress in just a few short months!

Gma used to wait for someone to lift her walker up so she go up one step, through the doorway and into the house.  Now she lifts up the walker herself puts it in the doorway, steps up and moves down the hallway independently without any assistance other than someone opening the door for her.

We are very proud of Gma’s progress and look forward to sharing more success stories with you.