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Gma's Progress November 2013

Grandma Chandra’s progress since starting Level II seven days ago:

First of all, I always work on Chandra with the light and sound about 3-5 inches away from her body through her now winter clothing which is tights, sweatpants and sweatshirts.

1) Chandra can now tolerate having the machine physically on her. Prior to today, no way.
(I have been working with her since May 2013)

2) When needed I give her homeopathic remedies, very tiny pellets. Normally I have to dissolve them in a little water. Now I still put them in water but she just swallows them, no problem.

3) We were doing a teleseminar last night and Chandra SAID “Bye, bye” to everyone.  First word speech since “Haw, Haw” in the summer in the pool. Chandra age 30 is non verbal.

YAAY! Love and Blessings to All of you and your families!