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Gma's Progress September and October 2013

We are back and a wild ride it was indeed!!! Europe was cold (remember we live in the desert part of Arizona). It was 105 degrees when we left there and Europe was about 60.

We did some work around Stonehenge with our Dutch organizers Pietie and Hans who grounded the work Gma did several years ago together with our friends Miriam and Henk.

Still continuing QRI with Gma. In UK she was able to walk on gravel with her walker, a first! And she also lifted up her walker and placed it in front of a step that she then stepped down on and onto the sidewalk. Never seen her lift the walker into the air!

QRI Updates from UK, Holland and Dubai

QRI EXPERIENCE IN UK: I worked on a 49 year old woman with the laser who has fibromyalgia and has trouble using her hands. 24 hours later she could use her hands without any pain.

I treated an eight year old Dutch boy with Asperger’s Syndrome with Quantum Reflex Integration who was extremely touch sensitive. He at first refused to cooperate so I worked on his sister and slowly he became very curious and allowed me to do QRI on him the way I do it on Gma just with the light and sound but not physically touching his body. Next day, his mom reported that for the first time he climbed into bed with her and asked to be held all night and cried.

Twenty-four year old man in Dubai non-verbal with autism, was very suspicious of QRI at first. I explained to him I would not do anything he didn’t want done. After about 10 minutes, he himself placed the lasers on the points of his body that I indicated and removed them when he was done. As we said goodbye to his family he blew kisses and SMILED.

I worked on an eight year old boy in Dubai, who was somewhat verbal and autistic. His mom asked him the night before we met if he knew Gma. He said yes he has been telepathing with her. After they actually met he laughed and laughed and then printed on a piece of paper, “Grandma Chandra is very pretty. She has very curly hair. She is a Barbie doll.”