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Gma's Progress June 2013

Gma continues to make progress with the cold  laser treatments. Gma has never been in a pool in anything besides Gma kiddie ring with her knees to her chest and just hangs out. Last week, she graduated to arm floaties and we got her a kickboard with handles.

  She is adjusting to keeping her body vertical and holding onto the board with her legs straight down! She usually keeps them knees to chest! Next move: legs out behind her

Gma spent the other day in the pool with just the floaties and moved around the pool independently for 30 minutes.

Pizza: Before – I chop it up in small pieces put it in her bowl give her a spoon. NOW: When I hold the piece of pizza, Gma takes bites just like we do!

Sandwich: Before- she couldn’t pick it up, get it to her mouth or put it back down. NOW: She picks up a quarter of a sandwich, gets it to her mouth, bites and puts it back down. Not perfectly but it’s a start!

Chandra ate a whole fresh artichoke leaf by leaf by using her teeth to pull off the meat on the leaf. Normally she will not have anything to do with artichokes!

Please continue to send your prayers, love and blessings for our work to help Gma and others. We love all of you!  Please share with others.

Hugs and Blessings,

Cat and G’ma