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Gma's Progress May 2013

Gma usually just sits on toilet whether it is open, closed or her seat is on the toilet seat or not. Now she WAITS until I put her seat on!
       In the pool today first time this season, it was 112 degrees – LOL – she floated in her ring like usual BUT then propelled herself to the side of the pool (don’t know how) and put her hands on the deck.  She then did hands side by side until she reached about 10 feet down the side of the pool!                                                        
Every doorway and piece of furniture with wooden legs is scarred around 3 inches above the floor from G’ma hitting them with the walker. I notice that she isn’t hitting these things as much. Gosh, unscarred furniture, what a CONCEPT!

The two things Chandra hates most is anything to do with hair brushing, cutting, washing, rinsing, drying and teeth cleaning. After just 2 treatments with the cold laser, she said, “Mom, could you please cut my bangs?”and I did and almost fell on the floor! She didn’t even flinch!

After I did a treatment with Gma she TURNED 2 doorknobs on 2 closed doors in the house, opening them and coming out on her walker!!!  She has never been able to turn knobs.

Gma will let me do anything on her back sides, head, legs but is VERY PROTECTIVE of the front of her body and fights having the laser applied anywhere there. Usually, she sits with her hands in her lap. Not clenched but fingers “folded over”. After this treatment she had her hands in her lap with the fingers open. This is VERY significant. She said the treatment felt very weird but was willing to have it again today with more time spent with hands and fingers open.

Hugs and Blessings,
Cat and Gma