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An Update on Gma's Progress July 2013

Gma is making great progress as a result of daily cold laser (QRI) treatments.  Here is an update on several of the EXCITING changes that are happening in Gma’s life:

Gma said her first words: HAW! HAW!  About 6-7 times after she was able to stretch out her legs horizontally in the pool several times while I supported her solar plexus. She was so pleased with herself that she squealed, laughed and said HAW! HAW! This went on for 45 minutes!!!

Gma leaned forward and stretched her legs out in the pool horizontally while on her stomach and moved her legs up and down in the water 4X independently.

For the first time in the pool, Gma used both of her arms while moving her legs to propel herself forward!  She is back in the kiddie ring because it makes her feel more secure but is doing very well with swimming. I only have to touch the ring with my finger to provide that sense of security so she keeps going.