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Gma’s 1st Sessions with the QRI Machine

What is the QRI Machine 

QRI stands for Quantum Reflex Integration.  It is also known as a cold laser.  The cold laser, a light and sound machine can be held on or over various areas of the physical body akin to acupuncture points. All human reflexes (like walking, speech, brain function etc) begin in utero and are “integrated” into the human body by the first or second year of life. When reflexes aren’t integrated, disabilities occur.

I started using QRI on Gr. Chandra in May 2013.  You can follow Grandma’s progress by reading the updates posted here on her blog.

Gma and Cat Attend a QRI Training Conference in Florida

Hello Soul Family!

Thanks to all of you who so generously donated to help me speak!

The Florida Conference was very successful and Mom learned a lot. We purchased the machine and returned home. Mom did several treatments on me and I mostly slept deeply after them.

The most sensitive points on my body are my hair. teeth, finger nails and toe nails. I don’t like my hair brushed, combed, washed, rinsed, cut or dried with a dryer. This is very painful to me as well as teeth brushing and finger and toe nail cutting.

After several treatments with the QRI machine, I asked Mom to cut my bangs! She almost FELL OVER! I am very excited and look forward to more miracles and I will share them with you.

Please continue to send me your Love, Light, Prayers and Energy.

Heart Hugs and Love,
Gr. Chandra and Cat