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Gma's Progress Fall of 2014

Cat continues to do regular QRI sessions with Chandra. She has also been leaving the QRI machine on for a few hours at a time in the same room that Gma is in.

Gma’s fine motor coordination is improving as well as her endurance.  Gma’s new bike has arrived.  In order to build up her leg strengthen and cardiovascular endurance so she can ride her bikeGma has been cleverly training with some of her soul family who are athletes.

Gma has been hiking with Susan in the mountains outside Tucson.  She has also been biking throughout the summer and fall with her good friend Terri up in Canada.  You might be wondering how can Gma possibly do that?  While Susan and Terri are exercising Gma is exercising along with them, only Gma is doing it in another dimension.  Although Susan and Terri can’t see Gma they feel her presence and can often hear her behind them or even beside them.  Now that it is winter in Canada Gma is x-country skiing with Terri.

How has all this exercise in other dimensions benefited Gma here in physical form?  Gma walked around the entire Macey’s department store with her walker the other day.  The distance was the equivalent of 7 miles.  This is a huge improvement as Gma has only walked about a 1/2 mile at any given time prior to this.

Gma is also walking across her bedroom with her hand lightly resting on Cat’s arm.  Her movements are fluent and smooth.  Gma is very close to walking on her own.

When Cat puts the towel around Gma at meal time Chandra puts her arms around Cat’s legs giving her a hug.  Gma just started doing this a couple weeks ago.