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Gma's Progress Summer 2014

Gma is getting longer and my frequent QRI sessions. Gma walking across stage in TN Cat has been doing the regular application QRI sessions on Gma.  She has also been leaving the QRI on in the same room as Gma for a few hours at a time.  This has helped to accelerate the improvements in Gma’s fine motor coordination.

Here are some of the highlights of Gma’s progress over the summer:

Gma can now write 2 letters of her name. She signs Ch.

Gma is able to swims/paddles 6 feet with the kiddie ring on!

She can walk without the walker just lightly resting her hand on Cat’s arm!

When Cat picked Gma up by the waist to help her into a friend’s SUV, Gma picked up her butt and legs and swung herself onto the seat!

Gma is excited about her new bike.  It’s on order and will arrive within a week.  We’ll post an update of her progress shortly.  This is Gma’s  first bicycle.  It will provide an opportunity for her to work on strengthening her leg muscles so she can walk further distances.