Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!


Your work is like a zipper on a Ziploc bag that is connecting the energies that are already here with the energies that are coming. It is connecting one link at a time or one chain at a time and the work is also being done multidimensionally. In 3D, multiple links are connected while this multidimensional ziploc is connecting these new energies to Gaia.

Now everything is finding its position in the ziploc. Everything is matching where it should be and everything is directed the way it should be directed. It is as if you suddenly had a chaotic movement and you are feeling that this movement actually is organized or directed. You are seeing the patterns, the roof or the structure in the multidimensional energies that are now arriving.

Sometimes, the multidimensional energies are not very comfortable especially for your 3D bodies but sometimes they feel in place, intact and everything flows naturally without resistance or the need for management. The part that doesn’t fit momentarily but is still looking for the match, is the part that will get your attention because you will be asking it to find the match and to be organized in a particular fractal, spiral or quantum field.

The same way as your DNA is matched in between two spirals. The same way your quantum reality is matched to the existing quantum reality where you are moving on Gaia. In other words, you are going through the zipper of the ziploc from one energy to another. The good news is you are going in the right direction. Matching something that is already aligned is much easier than creating it from pieces. You have already rallied in the direction you are going due to your intention. What you are doing now is bringing everything from inside of you that you have been receiving all this time to match this direction.

Many of you will feel like you are in the fractal spaces or fields. The same topic, the same thoughts or energy patterns will be repeated again and again until you really grasp it. This fractal structure is allowing you to learn about what is currently happening from so many different angles and dimensions. From micro to macro and from macro to micro. Within this concept, I am showing you the unity among everything that is going on and at the same time the presence of the new energies that are calibrating with you as you are calibrating with them. They are directing you and at the same time with your intentions, you are the ones who are actually directing this energy.

Hugs and love to all of you,