Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Your Group Work

When an arrow is shot into the air, the sharp tip of the arrow makes a path through the air as the prow of a ship makes a path through the ocean. The work you are doing as a group is like the point of an arrow. Everybody who is working with you on all the different planes are expanding the work around the arrow’s trajectory as you move forward. You are bringing the changes to the mainstream through the downloads. Everybody who is connected to you is receiving the additional information to interpret, ground and bring to humanity’s awareness.

At this time, you are feeling a lot of pressure, due to the changes and new energies moving towards you. Your perception of what is happening is correct because you are on the front line of these new energies and changes through which Gaia and humanity are going. You are bombarded with an energetic flow. You are the ones holding this energy and grounding it into Gaia. You are the ones bringing this energy through your hearts, through your chakras and sending it into Gaia rather than bypassing Gaia. You are the ones giving Gaia the opportunity to continue to transform, grow and ascend according to her plan.

Hugs and love to all of you,