Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Your Galaxy

From November 20th through the 29th, you are moving into the highest vibrations of this year. Finishing up the balancing that you have been receiving, you are now becoming stable in this vibration individually, in groups, and in humanity as a whole. At every “graduation”, you can have a little ceremony, thanking everyone for what has been achieved and thanking everyone who helped to achieve this. Conscious gratefulness is the main state of your mind and heart for this period.

Send gratitude and compassion to those who could not be with you on this level. In your conscious gratitude, intentionally see a rose, with its different petals, while envisioning that you are the rose, bringing together your petals in the form of people, energies, tools, knowledge, media, and whatever else you possess to create this reality. On the Quantum level, you are consciously holding the Galaxy.

I want you to envision the Galaxy whose center is interacting with every particle of matter, while each of you is becoming a kind of a Galaxy where you are the center surrounded by everything that you have created in your life with the feelings of thankfulness, gratitude and compassion. That is the most powerful picture and state of existence when talking about the timelines in which Humanity can exist.

Hugs and Love to all of you,