Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Your Blooming Stage

You have now entered your blooming stage. With the quadruple 2s from February 20th to 28th and the pen tuple 2 on February 22nd, you are bringing in the most beautiful opportunity for your potential to bloom. The center parts of a flower can become seeds and the petals will eventually fly away carrying the message. Now is your chance to develop every little potential within you that you recognize and to bring it to life.

In a flower, color, scent, and cooperation among the wind, moisture, animals and insects unite for the purpose of growth. The same with you. Learn how to play with the possibilities surrounding you. You are learning to bring together all this multidimensionality of different medias, such as light, rain, sun, and nature combined with your main intention to grow spiritually, develop yourselves and raise your vibration.

Be a field or a whole valley of flowers. That is what Gaia wants you to be. Gaia wants to bloom with you and through you. You are the flowers of Gaia. Bring this beauty, magnificence and joy to yourself and to the Planet.

The same way that the wind brings the scent of the flowers from one valley to the other, the same wind is spreading the information about the growth of humanity to other galaxies, planets and to the whole universe.

Gaia experiences great joy in sharing through the quantum field with the other star systems and galaxies. The universe knows about your work, the success of your work and finally of your cooperation with Gaia.

Hugs and love to all of you,