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Working From Your Higher Consciousness

In light of the current situation of the Corona virus, you realize how you are all connected not only physically but at a much higher level. Learn to work with each other remotely not through technology but through your energetic fields using vision, hearing, knowing and feeling. This is using your multidimensionality. It’s a wakeup call for all of you that enough, is enough. It is time to get out of your 3D body and work from your higher consciousness. 

When are you working from your higher consciousness? When you are in your Parasympathetic Nervous System that tells you to relax, sleep, meditate, play and rest. Due to the internet and the use of artificial daylight, you are all in your Sympathetic Nervous System the majority of the time. This system tells the body to hurry up, run, work, do, “there is not enough time” creating an imbalance in these systems that allow disease to manifest. It is critical for all to maintain balance between these two systems eliminating disease and slowing aging.

Re: Gaia, see how fast she responds! NASA took pictures of various areas on earth during this Corona crisis and found waters became clear again along with the skies resulting in the return of dolphins and swans in areas where they have not been seen for a long time.

The Corona virus is about balancing the female (Parasympathetic N.S.) and male (Sympathetic N.S.) energies throughout Gaia, including balancing this energy in every chakra of humanity. This brings together Gaia’s Kundalini and humanity’s Merkabah working as one.

Before these energies were available to you supported by Gaia, you operated on 1/3 of your potential. Now you can utilize 100% of your chakra system creating the world around you from the inside out built according to the original blueprint where Gaia and humanity work together.

The blueprint is connected to the energetic flow of creation. When individuals and humanity collectively operate within the flow, ie the Parasympathetic Nervous System, everything unfolds naturally as you are acting within your highest potential. When you become familiar with this flow, you will immediately notice resistance when you move outside of it. This is the new language that the universe will use to communicate with you.

Covid-19 is all about choices. You are learning to align your choices with the energetic flow of creation. You will get immediate positive or negative results when your choice is or isn’t in compliance with this flow. Learn to adjust so you don’t spend a lot of time moving in the wrong direction.

Being in the flow is about slowing down and operating in a much more relaxed state, navigating life from this state. As you learn to slow down, be observant and breathe more deeply you will recognize the beauty around you, the vibration, frequencies, colors and auric fields within trees, plants, rocks and other life forms.

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