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Who are Old Souls?

Hello Soul Family!

Old Souls are people that we have just met but feel we have known forever. Some become close friends, partners or Soul Mates those with whom we have short or long term contracts. Other Old Souls shower us with their Mercy, Compassion and Wisdom that is apparent at an early age.

Old Souls are those who have chosen to reincarnate again and again to assist us with lessons, teachings and healings to uplift All for Ascension.

All of you who have Master Numbers in your birthdates are Old Souls and are members of my Soul Group. Another word for Old Souls is Ascended Masters. We could have chosen to unite and merge with the Light but knew that another reincarnation would help many on Planet Earth.

Are you an Old Soul? Find out by viewing the attached Master Numbers document. Click here to download your copy.

I love you all,