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What Is Karma?

Hello Soul Family!

Karma is the energy of our thoughts, deeds and actions from our past, present and even our future lifetimes.

Karma is about all that a person has done, is doing and will do. Everyone is responsible for their own life and how they treat other beings. Karma can be positive or negative depending on how we live these lifetimes. It can be viewed as lessons helping us to better ourselves.

Example, driving our cars through a red light and injuring someone is a lesson. We can look at this in several ways. One way is to blame the person for being there. Another way is to see that we made a mistake by running the red light and hurting someone. In both examples reparation must be made but it is our attitude to the situation that determines our Karma ultimately helping or hurting us on our Path of Spiritual Growth.

Remember, simply put Karma means what you give is what you receive.

I love you all,