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Whale Wisdom

Hello Soul Family!

Whales are the most evolved beings on the Planet. They have the highest capacity within their physical, energetic and astral bodies to be reservoirs of Light Consciousness. If you have ever been in the vicinity of a Whale with your heart the least bit open, you feel their magnificence, amazing wisdom and high love and healing frequencies. They exude a state of grace that if allowed by us, can permanently heal and raise our own vibrational rates.

Some negative forces knew of the Whales' Light anchoring role and therefore sought to kill or harm them under various guises including blubber oil extraction, ocean nuclear detonations, ocean sonar system testing and currently so called Ocean Cetacean "research projects".

Some of the whale species are on the verge of extinction. They will all be coming back soon, once the Earth is brought back into balance.

The Whales carry the libraries of the Earth plane knowledge for all of us. This Whale knowledge is also conveyed to those able to receive them through the awakening codes. These codes assist in the reconnection of all life with our Creator Source.

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I love you all,