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What Is Unity Consciousness

Hello Soul Family!

We are in the Age of Unity Consciousness. What does that mean? Unity Consciousness means that All is One. According to the Sufi Masters of Afghanistan, there is a tale known as “Thirty Birds”. A group of different kinds of birds decided to find the holy Simurgh, a huge bird, the equivalent of Creator/Source.

They went on a long journey over rivers and mountains and had many adventures. At last they arrived at the place of the Simurgh. When they looked upon the Simurgh, they were awed by its majesty and beauty. When they blinked they saw that the Simurgh was composed of themselves. When they blinked again, they saw the Simurgh.

This illustrates the theme of the One in the Many and the Many in the One or that All is One and One is All. For the word “Simurgh” means “30 Birds”. This is Unity Consciousness, even though we are all different we are all the same source.

Blessings and Love from Our Hearts to You,
Cat and Gma