Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!


The speed of receiving information has increased tremendously. How does this affect you? Sometimes you catch a part of it but are unable to unfold and receive everything from this momentous download. You get just a tiny thread of the “whole roll,” but you cannot unroll it until you put time, space, and energy into it. You are holding a few threads in your hands while doing different things on different levels.

In different dimensions, the reflection of your work in your consciousness and even in your mind will take some 3D time because to unfold multidimensionality into 3D, it takes time to make it linear to convert the imagery into thoughts or words. You need to follow up with a glimpse of what you receive to get to the core, get to the essence of the message or the download.

Another valuable change occurs when you work on mining or unfolding this thread of information. First intentionally move deeper into this energy, calling for all the support groups working with you to gather around. Second, you will be given more efficient tools to utilize during your work. This produces better outcomes of your efforts or exercises.

Because you are supported and guided, your work can take only 5 minutes, by opening all the “doors and windows” of your Quantum Field so that everything can come to you. This five minutes can accomplish more than one hour’s worth of work.

Find little gaps of time in between your work. Take a walk or sun gaze. These few minutes can really make a big difference in your wellbeing.

To assist you further in your multidimensional work, I have created an area of protection for Gaia in the shape of a trapezoid. If you cut the top off a pyramid, you get a triangle, the base of the pyramid that is a trapezoid. This trapezoid brings in Universal Truth and the Ascended Christ Consciousness. The points of this trapezoid are South America, Alaska, Siberia, and Australia.

The trapezoid is a plane projection of a multidimensional conic shape. The conic shape surrounds Gaia while connecting your work to the Central Sun. The cone gathers everything that needs to be done and sends it in a spiral to the Central Sun. The cone then receives spiral information downloads. The dynamics are going circularly from the inside of the cone going out and from the outside of the cone going back in.

This technique minimizes work time. Use it to unfold the truth about subjects that are part of the directions we are working with.

The Ascended Christ Consciousness is growing in love from inside of you. It is like a little rose bud that with the proper care of sunshine, water and soil will bloom into the most beautiful flower. I am suggesting that you see yourselves all the time like this wonderful, beautiful flower. This is an image of who you are and what you are doing. You are influencing everything around you. By bringing the beauty and the presence through the natural elements, you are creating this unique life. By being yourselves and being in the moment right now on Gaia, we are bringing the beauty of the Ascended Christ Consciousness into the 3D world and into 3D reality.

Hugs and love to all of you,