Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

The Transitional Layer

There is a transitional layer that has formed around Gaia because the veil is becoming more transparent. It hasn't totally disappeared because that would be too dramatic. It is transformed with a different kind of transitional layer that is separating the higher dimensionality from the 3D world.

The work that is going on is organized in such a way that those who are ready can go up and out of the transitional layer into multidimensionality and back. At the same time, those not comfortable going out of 3D will be in a protected zone so they can continue their life without dramatic changes until they make their choice.

In this transitional space, each of you is on a different vibrational tone and Gaia is creating for you the most nourishing environment for your growth providing the best abilities to continue living.

It is all connected to the month of October, the one in October (10th month) and the one in 2021. So, the double ones, and the double twos representing the feminine and the masculine principles, provide the perfect balance for this transition. This balance allows humanity to continue its 3D living.

Take this opportunity to send your intentions to work in the higher dimensions. Don't forget to manifest. Don't forget to send your intentions. Don't forget to create your own reality.

Hugs and love to all of you,