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The Phoenix

The 8888 represents the eighth month, August, the eighth day, and the 88th Gateway. As the Sacred Lotus of the Phoenix Arises within from the Ashes, the FIRE of the Solar Feminine, the embodiment of LOVE as Fire is used to metaphorically describe Light and God's Glory.

The Ancient Goddess Pele, the Fire Goddess was the representation of the "Embodiment of the Fire Solar Feminine". Brigit was "The Celtic Keeper of the Sacred Flame". These were important Ancient representations of the Feminine Energy now encasing the planet. I have born witness to the Great Phoenix of FIRE arising with its mighty wings and spreading them in a greater capacity than ever before. As these great wings were shown to me, there was freedom, fire, exhilaration, power within the Sacral Chakra, the Solar-Plexus Chakra, and the Heart Lotus Chakra burst into flames. The Light of God both Lunar and Solar ignited together representing the Divine Female and Divine Male bursting forth into fiery winged flames as the Phoenix.

The Phoenix is arising from the Ashes. The Ancients are merging with the Modern Today. As this beautiful and breathtaking Great Fiery Phoenix sits on my shoulder, it IS my Ancient Ancestors and the Love of God as the Divine Feminine who was so honored and adored as an equal Godhead in the Ancient times. There is an understanding of Energetic Knowledge, of the Creator and of Equal Importance of the Male and Female ENERGIES together. It shows a clearly taught and understood balanced way of Life with complete understanding of what was. Thank you Elaine Degiorgio for bringing through this information.

I love you All,