Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

The New Energy Matter

More and more blessings come from your understanding of working with the New Energy Matter. It lies in the energetic space between the atoms, electrons and other particles in the molecules. This is the micro world. The space between the stars and the planets are the macro world. You are starting to understand what exists in this universe as energy and how this energy operates within and between spatial matter.

Soon you will be able to track your own waves and to communicate telepathically with others who are attuned to the same level of how the New Energies Matter work. Master this and go forward using this New Energy matter to manifest the New Golden Age on Earth.

You will be connected to this matter, which is everywhere and in everybody, uniting you as One. In other words, every and any information, ideas or recommendations that one person receives will immediately be available to all of us.

You are opening a New Era of existence for Humanity.

I love & appreciate ALL of you,