Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

The Moment of Truth

Now is the moment of Truth. See it in the calendar dates of the Triple Master Number 222 from January 20-29, and February 1-28. It is also seen in the very tiny changes that are already happening. They may not be seen on a large scale because they are happening on a personal level, but you are now noticing them.

Neither lies nor artificiality is supported by the New Energy. Lies or deceit is falling through the cracks. People whose focus is service to self, will fail on all levels. You will not be interested in friendships or partnerships with these people. Family relationships based on domination will just fall apart or be replaced by new relationships.

Any organizations like financial, medical or others, will expose false pretenses for what they are. There is nowhere to hide anymore. The Light is everywhere. Darkness is like a cockroach, trying to hide in a crack but there is no crack because everything is Light. The crack is sealing up because all vibrations are rising up to the surface. The Light is shining through everything and everyone. It is up to you to see it, be aware of it and build your life accordingly.

The characteristics of this Light are soft, loving, tender, appealing, and bright. This Light is calling to you, in goodness, and righteousness. It is not pushing you, so you have a choice to see it or not. The call is there like a motherly voice, a motherly song like a lullaby. It is so natural and familiar to you that you do not want to resist or ignore this call because it is already inside of you. It resonates from everything that is God inside of you. It is like a call from Source that awakens you at a heart and soul level.

The Triple Master Number 222 represents the Masculine Principle. You are stepping out of duality and widening your world to embrace Multidimensionality. You are increasing your potential and strength in every aspect of your being.

Hugs and Love to all of you,