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The Master Numbers

Hello Soul Family!

Many people have asked me about the importance of The Master Numbers. These are double numbers 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99.  All of us who have chosen to incarnate on Planet Earth have known many other souls/people in past and future lives.

Remember that time is a linear creation of mankind. There is no time.

We have chosen to meet certain people/souls in this physical incarnation for lessons to be learned as parents, friends, partners, siblings etc. These people are our Soul Group. My Soul Group consists of those who have the number 11 in their birthdates. Remember that ALL of the Master Numbers are divisible by themselves. 99 divided by 9 =11. All Master Numbers have the 11.

The purpose of the Master Numbers is to awaken us to Ascension and the Planet’s too. To further ourselves on the Ascension Path it is necessary to raise our vibratory rate that accelerates us along the Path.

The Master Numbers do not have to be side by side. Example: 3/28/2003. This person has a 22 and a 33 in their birthdate. Also Master Numbers can be reached by adding the entire birthdate in a single column. What are your Master Numbers?

When you see Master Numbers on signs, in phone numbers, in addresses, on clocks etc it is your Masters, Teachers and Guides of whom I am one, calling to you. Give thanks and ask what your next step is and we will guide you with love and mercy.

Remember, “There are two ways to fail on the road of Truth first is to never start out and the second is to not go all the way to the end.”

The Buddha

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I love you all,