Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

The Lesson In Being

People are waking up by the layers now, not individually but in larger groups because we are releasing so much suppressed energy that was above them that they are all ready to wake up now. It is like rebirthing the multidimensionality into the 5D. Those that are waking up are figuratively taking their first breath. A lot of people around us are in this situation. We have to treat them like infants with lots of tenderness, love, patience and allow them to grow and trust.

The main thing we will need to share with the newly born is first of all to go inside their heart to find guidance rather than looking outside themselves trying to find a teacher, guru or group. This is the ability for them immediately to go inside and to start creating this personal relationship or connection with God/Source. This is a unique opportunity because in this case no organization will be standing between the person and God/Source. It is a great opportunity to avoid this unnecessary reflection and transformation of information. They actually have a chance to be connected directly. They can do this through being in nature or being with themselves in meditation, quiet space or through music.

It is the lesson in being. They need to learn how to just be, not to do anything but to be in the space of their heart. It is a very unnatural state for them that must be relearned. That is the first baby step that newly born people will start doing. Just close their eyes and be 10 or 15 minutes in their heart while at the same time in nature or with children or animals.

It is about turning technology off, stopping the mind chatter and just being fully present in the moment in the Still Point. Doing this with young children is beautiful, they appreciate your presence and it allows their creativity to flow. You create the playground for them, the sacred space of creation by participating and they provide the perfect opportunity for you to practice being in your heart.

Hugs and love to all of you,