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The Freedom Convoy 2022

The Freedom Convoy 2022 gathered in Ottawa, Ontario Canada on Parliament Hill is a peaceful from the Heart demonstration by people from across Canada who have come to express their views based on unity and freedom. They want their voices heard. Their journey spreads the frequencies of love and community. Three convoys from the east, west and south, some hundreds of kilometers long of not only truckers but people of all walks of life converged on Ottawa. Along their journey they stopped in many locations where they were welcomed and fed. Many of the locals dropped off food and donations for them. Throughout the entire route, people of all ages stood outside some in temperatures as cold as minus 30 degrees Celsius to show their support and cheer them on.

These convoys have united not only Canada but the world. They are bringing people together and awakening people because for so long we have been under the energies of separation, hierarchy, judgement and negativity. These new energies are about unity, coming together supporting each other and having your voices, the voices of freedom heard. For so long you have not been heard and when you have spoken, you have been quickly shut down. That is not going to happen this time. These truckers are not leaving Ottawa until all of the covid 19 mandates are dropped because they are fed up with the restrictions, the lockdowns, the masks, social distancing, mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports. With no just grounds for all of these restrictions, forcing businesses to shut down, causing mental health issues, locking down the elderly living in assisted living places and stopping family members from visiting them. You too, have been discouraged from visiting each other. It is time for all of this to change. It is time for you to come back together, to be able to meet with your friends, to be able to gather with your family members and colleagues, to be able to share a hug, to be able to go to sporting events, concerts, movies and live life freely.

The energies that are coming to Gaia now are supporting you to unite and live from your hearts. These restrictions are preventing you from doing this. Bring down these restrictions to move ahead into the New Earth. Without toppling the old, you cannot move forward to bring forth the new. Now is the time.

Embrace this movement and its changes with all your heart. Feel the joy and send the love and the energy to support it. Feel a part of the movement no matter where you are geographically. By your intention to be together with the those in the convoys you can unite the whole of Gaia with this new movement of unity. Bring your voice not just to be heard but to create with your voice, and bring your intention, your new reality.

This is the beginning of worldwide events, which will happen faster and more often. This energy that was suppressed for so long, will now be expressed by the people. It will release and free them from all the suppression that was held over them by the governments and the powers elite.

Hugs and love to all of you,