Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

The Energies of 2022

This is the year of exploration. You will be opening a lot of new potentials and creative abilities. You will experience a calmness despite what is happening around you and will be more grounded. Most of your decisions will be coming from your core center. This core is so intact and in tune with Gaia and the new energies of 2022 that its flow will wrap within itself everything that is needed for life on Gaia right now.

With the rain and snow that is falling on Mother Earth, there are a lot of particles and energies that will be communicating and working inside of Gaia. The rain and snow are bringing in the condensed new energies of 2022. When a sacred water day occurs, all this energy will be spread and transmitted everywhere on the planet. The water will be recharged and repurposed to the new life on Gaia.

There will be a lot of gaps or bubbles that will get attuned separating you from all the chaos and chaotic movements of other energies around you.

The year 2022, provides you with new protection. This protection is based on your energy within and is constantly radiating outside of you. Because it is going out of you, there is nothing harmful that can get into you. This is a new process and reality for you. You are now separated by this flow of energy that goes out and within and outside and around you.

This year, 2022 will be a year of harmony and peace. Everywhere you go your presence will bring forth this energy, dissolving and transmuting not only present energies but the reason or cause that resulted in these hectic, disharmonic or unbalanced situations.

When you step into 2022, you are stepping into the Divine Feminine Energy of creation. This Divine Feminine Energy of creation will be flowing everywhere there is a shortage of love and compassion. It has its own mind and purpose. You don't need to direct it, it will be flowing by itself. Much like air masses flow from higher pressure to lower pressure, the energy of love and compassion will find the places where it is needed and will flow there to dissolve and transmute everything that is not in harmony. Everything will be flooded with this love and compassion.

Hugs and love to all of you,