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The 777 Alignment

July 16, 2021 is the 197th day of the year. This day is a triple master number 777. The triple master number 777 represents the Golden Heart which facilitates the alignment of the Planets and Stars to the Heart of the New Earth.

You are aligning your energetic fields with the electromagnetic fields of the planet, solar system, and galaxy. This alignment will allow you to live a more efficient life and to utilize the energy that is now coming through the Crystalline Strings (similar to the Silver Cord of your 3D Body) accelerating your productivity.

The biggest part of the alignment is happening through the liquid in your body. This liquid is lymph that is communicating with the surface waters of Gaia, the inner waters of Gaia and all the water kingdoms including that of the Dolphins and Whales who are assisting with this.

You are also aligning the lobes of your brain on both sides as well as aligning with all the layers of your Aura.

Starting with the water in your cells, you are expanding wider and wider until you finish with the alignment of all of your energetic bodies.

Many of you will notice or feel this alignment through physical sensations. Some of you will not even notice it. Knowing what is happening to you, will help the process. Then you can add your intention to the natural flow of events by balance it, speeding it up or slowing it down depending on how fast you want to pass through this process.

Hugs and love to all of you,