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Testimonials for Green Laser

Gma’s clients are having great success using her green healing laser.
Learn more about their experiences below.

First session was on 14 of February on the Skype with green laser, just 1 month and 10 days and I am absolutely happy!!!

I feel more energy, happiness and create more light around me.

~ Iluta in Scotland

Hands no longer stiff and achy.

~ M in AZ

This is a person w. insomnia, easily falls sick, lack of energy, can’t exercise/work full day due to fatigue.

March Diary: up at 8am, felt great, 20 min run, worked full day, 12pm went to sleep, took nothing, (meaning no sleep aids) slept great.

WOW! Really making progress! Starting to sleep w/o or w only a little help. Big difference.

I am steadily improving. It helps so much to not be sick all the time. And as a result, to be able to sleep!

Improvement in energy and stamina too.

Grandma said she could heal my immune system and she did.

~ T. in Oregon

I’ve been using the green laser 2 times per day (morning and evening) on all chakra’s and on my sacrum for the past 3 months. Here is what I have noticed…

1. The tightness between my shoulder blades has disappeared. If any tightness appears I am easily able to work it out during my daily yoga routine.

2. My SI joint which has been a weak spot for me for over 20 years is much stronger and stable. My sacrum used to slip out of place every couple of weeks. When it goes out now I can often move it back into place by doing yoga.

3. I feel more grounded, situations that used to annoy me I now see through and don’t tolerate ie. student’s misbehavior.

4. I am sleeping better and waking up feeling refreshed even with less sleep.

5. My energy level is higher and I don’t feel as fatigued during the day.

6. My intuition is better and I no longer question what I should do, I just do it.

~Terri G. in Canada

Progress Report from Judy with use of the Green Healing Laser + Castor Oil Pack…

1). Stand up from a seated position in a chair without help. She could not do this before.

2). Getting in and getting out of bed is no longer difficult.

3). She went from a large heavy walker to a light walker, movements are more fluid and her gait is better.

4.) She used little walker to walk outside to porch. This is the first time in months she’s been able to go out on the porch.