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Dolphins and Whales Forever

I am so enjoying the book and would appreciate your sending the mp3 of Whale Speak with their message to humanity as translated by Gma.

I am now recognizing that I am hearing clicks in the collective songs of the soul that I do hear continually. So now I am guessing the clicks to be the contributions of whale voice wisdom into that choir of consciousness in all the singing of the souls.

You are helping me grow more and more into my own multidimensional awareness. Thank you for having arrived into my life. ~Joyce D.

Wisdom of the Silver Sisters

Wisdom of the Silver Sisters

Many many thank you's for this inspiring incredible miraculous story of an extraordinary mother and daughter who are an inspiration to us all. Their great mission to serve God and humanity via their spiritual gifts and Sacred Heart helps us to see that all is possible no matter what the odds.

Cat's and Grandma Chandra's story is not only inspirational but life changing. If I ever think that I cannot accomplish something, all I have to do is look at their journey. It's only just begun. ~Tara