Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Summer Solstice 2020

The Solstice Angel and The Peace Dove

The group of Light Workers who are moving very fast are pushing the goal posts very high for the rest of you. The group who have not yet awakened are still in the same place dragging a heavy load. These groups are like two magnetic poles when pushed far apart they create a magnetic reaction.

This is why there is so much aggression being expressed on the lower level. This unresolved energy needs to show itself. Everyone at this level will be given a choice: rise up with the Divine Flow to be creators and supporters of a New Life or to disconnect from the evolution of Earth’s humanity, resulting in their disappearance from the picture.

Your reaction to all that is happening and your reaction to your choices are important. In the past, the idea was not to leave anybody behind. That time has passed. You are not responsible for those people who have not awakened. You are not responsible for their choices. It is your responsibility to give them clear options to allow them the freedom to make their own choices. Whatever they choose is up to them. Everything was provided for every individual on the Earth to clearly see these choices. The Higher Self makes the choice according to what is best for each individual.

There will be no more energy spent on reacting to people’s choices. Energy will only be focused on going with the Divine Flow, with God/Creator Source’s Energy as fast as possible.

Your main task is to continue presenting the opportunity modeled for us by the Ascended Masters. Go into Light, be healed, develop, and grow. It is not your task to keep everybody together and go as a group.

This is difficult. During the separation, you will see some people whom you love or know who are making different choices. Understand that you should not interfere in others’ free will. However, you can remind people about their choices and give them information to help them understand.

It is important to get to this choice point during the Summer Solstice. Why? This is the time when you can manifest your desires, needs, hopes, and wishes within the Flow. Starting from here, everything you are doing will be totally supported, multiplied, and amplified carrying this energy to its highest potential. You will be able to start living the life that your soul has desired and planned for you for so long.

Beginning June 21st and 22nd, you are stepping into a New Cycle, the Cycle of Action. Everything you needed to release will have been released and everything you accumulated to help you move forward will be utilized.

This is a new stage of your life. You have never lived like this before. You are totally supported and cleansed. You are on your way. You see your goal. You have all the energy you need. Anticipate moving to your highest potential on the New Earth.

Hugs and Love to all of you,