Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Star Family

Your connection to your Star Family will be intensified. You will be given more energy through your Light Bodies especially through your lineages with the Star Family. Each of you has your own Star Family’s DNA lineage. This current activation is happening for all of you. All of the Star Families to whom you belong, now are working thorough us. They are raising the vibrations of your DNA for all those who are ready to bring these vibrations to their own Star Family and for the other people who are surrounding this DNA carrier or this Light Worker.

It will be as if you are spreading essential oils around. Those who are ready to go, those who are ready to bring this vibration through them and carry this vibration on Gaia will be emanating this vibration on the quantum level in geometric expansion. Everybody who is from the same Star family will start feeling and responding to it.

Everyone will be working with each other in the end. So many times, on so many different planets you were the carrier of only one Star Family member. Now you will be over lapping and connected to each other. All that is occurring will help to raise the vibrations on Gaia for humanity. The vibrations of Gaia and the vibrations of everything that are now building, are the new multidimensional reality on Gaia.

Hugs and love to all of you,