Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Spring Equinox 2021

On March 20th, 2021 the Spring Equinox occurs. All the energy that Gaia receives through the Sun and the Central Sun is now accumulated in the waters. The waters of Gaia, the oceans and the inner waters are turned inwardly toward Oneness. They are transmitting the frequencies that will allow all species of life on Earth to move faster and more peacefully into the higher vibrations.

You will feel these vortexes or swirling waters in every type of water especially by those who live near seas, oceans, lakes, streams, wells, and underground water tables. Feel this new unified tuned vibration of sound that wakes you up, moves you out and forward. All of Gaia is covered in huge amounts of either water or snow. This charged water will be bringing this energy through the body of Gaia to ALL living beings, including the crystal families. This energy will be working in tandem with the crystals of the new energetic and Quantum Fields.

The waters of the body reflect everything that is happening as well. Every level of the human body’s Quantum Field including emotional, chemical, thought and karmic issues will undergo detoxification. Everything still present in your Quantum Field that does not resonate with this new vibration of swirling water will be melted and sent out of your body.

Help each other to recognize that you can share this knowledge on a unified level. Drink more water and consciously invite this water to come into your bodies to work with you. I am bringing this to your attention so you can start communicating with any form of water including steam, ice, snow, and water itself. In whatever capacity the water shows up on Gaia, you have open and direct communication with it to help each of you get the most of this energy.

Your bone structure will start changing as you release its heavy matter and bring it to the surface especially the bone tissue, bone liquid and bone marrow. Most of you will start feeling that you are becoming not only lighter but more flexible as flows of energy move through your body much faster without any obstacles. Infusing parts of your body with this energy will be more efficiently done. Start providing the areas of your body that need it with more help, support, energy and flow.

Hugs and love to all of you,