Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Spring Eclipses

April 30 and May 15 & 16th are times when the sun and the moon eclipse. This coming week, you are stepping into the astrological dates during which you can manifest everything that you need for your spiritual growth and what you want to achieve, including the new experiences you want to bring into your life.

This opportunity will give you a chance to claim what is yours and to bring it back into your 3D multidimensional life as well as to allow the universe to prepare and gather the resources that are needed for your manifestation to happen. The universe will synchronize the events bringing together the synergy of all the energies and timelines, people and events that are involved in accomplishing your goals, allowing you to step even further in your spiritual growth and ascension.

Each of you has already visually achieved some results in living and creating in multidimensionality. This is another opportunity to look for new tools or applications of your skills and talents to help yourselves as well as others, particularly those who are around you.

It is a very exciting playground for you! Order your own menu and chose the dishes from this menu. Each of you will have a different menu. The dishes will be personalized and aligned with your soul task, intentions, and goals.

This is total, absolute abundance! You can wish for everything that does not contradict God's plan for humanity and Gaia. Everything that is in alignment with God's energy of creation can be wished for and received.

For the first time in your life, you really understand that everything and anything is possible, and you are part of your own creation because this creation will start with your intention. This will lead to new horizons, to new levels from where you see what else is available. This is the growth that you were dreaming about. This is the growth you are now living in.

Hugs and love to all of you,