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Spiritual Contracts

Hello Soul Family!

In order for you to grow, you make Spiritual Contracts or Agreements in your past lives or in the space just before reincarnation on the Earth plane.

All of you on the Earth plane have had millions of past lives from your constant Agreements and Contracts to reincarnate here again and again as humans, Other Dimensional Beings, Angels, Ascended Masters, etc.

Different people agree to different things. Some agree to be an abuser or the abused, to live in disabled bodies, to be beacons of Light, murderers, bankers, healers, ignorant, brilliant, seers, teachers, robbers, etc. These are just examples of contracts.

Why would someone be a robber? Perhaps they had something stolen from them in this or another lifetime. You all play both roles in present, past or future lives.

Contracts may be long or short. Long contracts may be for your entire lifetime. Short term contracts may last for a few months or years.

Remember, you can change your contracts while they are active but you need permission of the Higher Self of both parties to do so.

I love you all,