Assisting You on Your Path to Ascension!

Speed of Change

Embrace the Speed of Change. Invite Change. Adjust to Change and Be the Change!

The speed of change is uncomfortable for many of you. However, as you are creating the changes, except them with joy as you see the results of your work from inside. Be within the Flow as you create the Flow from within.

Because you have never lived like this before, it is uncomfortable. This is called creating on the go. You are creating before you step into it, like building a railroad for a train that is already on the track waiting for the next part of the track to be built. Learn from nature. Watch the plants. See how they grow, how they add to themselves cell by cell as they grow up towards the sun. From this creative energy of love and receiving water to their roots, they are seeding every cell until they have created their form or shape.

For humans, it is not that easy because it is not only your own body you are creating but the whole environment with Mother Gaia surrounding you. It is work you are doing consciously, co-creating with Gaia multidimensionally on all levels.

If you feel tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, weak, or lethargic, it doesn't mean that your bodies are not creating. It means that your physical body is giving energy to your other multidimensional bodies acting on different planes.

Don’t worry. Allow yourself to be most comfortable in your physical being. It is hard because you all have to work, take care of your families, significant others and share among you. Understanding that you need this time and space to create on the other levels, in the other dimensions, you will be more willing to take breaks, to sleep, take a walk or just to be more in nature. Invest in the changes that are happening right now even though you may not be able to see visualize or feel them. Create with optimal resources, the best resources you can put to work.

Take time to learn how to create multidimensionally without any kind of judgement about yourself or anybody else. Provide all the possible resources that you can bring together on all levels for maximum success.

Hugs and love to all of you,