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Souls Who Have Passed

Hello Soul Family!

When we die our soul either goes into the Great Light or goes to a temporary place we can call limbo. In limbo souls go through a life review seeing how well they fulfilled their contracts in this lifetime. If they still have contracts to complete, they choose to reincarnate on any planet, galaxy or other universes in order for fulfill these contracts. We cannot count this period in humanity’s concept of time.

Some souls are very attached to those they are leaving behind and decide to stay around for either a short or long time in order to comfort their loved ones. Those who stay too long become discarnate entities and get caught between dimensions

Those who commit suicide often carry a lot of guilt or feel a lack of self-worth and as a result they fear going into limbo. These souls also get caught between dimensions and are stuck there until they make a choice to move into limbo or they are assisted into limbo.

I love you all,