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Soul Mate, Twin Flame, Life Partner

Hello Soul Family!

“What is the difference in these terms? Anyone can have many Soul Mates in one lifetime. They are usually those who have been with this person in a past life or lives and/or belong to their aggregate Soul Group that is those who have contracted to be with this person in this lifetime for a short or long time.

“A Twin Flame or Life Partner is ‘the other half’ of oneself. This can be sisters, brothers, parents, children, significant others, married couples etc. Usually a person feels complete with these people and both have Missions together. However, these relationships may be together for lifetimes, the present lifetime only, a year, a week, a month or a day because we all live in the creative moment of Now.

“If you are looking for a Twin Flame/Life Partner, you’ve got ‘homework’! The days of I want someone to come in to take care of me and make all my problems disappear are over. One of our clients desired this so much that she wound up in a state run care facility. She got her wish, she is being totally taken care of.

You must be where YOU wish to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually in order to attract the Twin Flame/Life Partner. Remember, like energy attracts like energy. If you wish to attract a bartender, don’t hang out with stock brokers. So ask yourself, what type of partner do I want to attract and BE that partner so that your energies will come together.”

I love you all,